Case Study

Smart Cabinetry

Established Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry Manufacturer Hires Mango Creative Group to Improve Marketing

Branding  +   Commercial Photography  +   Product Visualization  +  Creative Direction  +   Graphic Design

Kitchen and bath cabinetry manufacturer Smart Cabinetry continuously innovate with new products to bring to the multi-family industry.

Our challenge was to reinforce Smart Cabinetry’s brand with their existing marketing materials as well as introduce new elements to create cohesiveness, consistency, and flexibility.

  • Smart Cabinetry
  • Manufacturing / Kitchen and Bath
  • United States of America
Smart Cabinetry Bathroom Product Visualization
Smart Cabinetry Bathroom Product Visualization
Smart Cabinetry Kitchen Product Visualization
Customer focused.
Budget conscious.
Rapid delivery.

Smart Cabinetry's Company Slogan

Smart Cabinetry has been manufacturing and selling cabinetry for at least 10 years. However, they have added new doors and finishes which the previous format of their marketing materials cannot accommodate. It was time to revisit their existing assets. They decided that they are due for a revamp.

First task we were given was to redesign their sales sheets. We audited existing assets and what information they would like included in the new materials. We rearranged the information and eliminated redundancies. We dedicated more real estate to the door photos and highlighted each door's features.

After this, we reinforced their brand’s values, philosophy, and style to the overall look of their marketing materials.

From this, we also implemented a color system to their door’s pricing categories. The challenge was selecting color hierarchy that works well with their current brand colors.

  • Smart Cabinetry Yellow
  • Smart Cabinetry Green
  • Smart Cabinetry Blue
  • Smart Cabinetry Purple
The goal was to aid their sales team and dealers to identify which doors belong to a certain price range by having a visual hint on the sheet.
Smart Cabinetry Sales Sheets
"We like how your
product information
is easier to find now.
Kudos to your marketing team!"

- Testimonial from one of Smart Cabinetry's customers

After positive feedback from the sales sheets, we were hired to tackle their annual specifications and price books.

New product photography were shot for their new swatches. We proofread existing sales copy and additional information were written in close collaboration with their sales team, who knew the product better than we do. Additional product visualizations were also produced to showcase their products in relatable scenarios for the multi-family development industry.

After weeks of review and revisions with key stakeholders in the company, we coordinated with their preferred commercial printer to publish a new set of marketing materials that were distributed to their dealers nationwide.