Redesigning the Catalog for a National Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Manufacturer

Smart Cabinetry 2020 Specifications Book Catalog by Mango Creative Group Smart Cabinetry 2020 Specifications Book Catalog by Mango Creative Group

About This Project

The Mission

Kitchen and bath cabinetry manufacturer Smart Cabinetry continuously innovate with new products to bring to the multi-family industry. Every year, they need to publish marketing materials to update their client with their latest product releases. Our mission was to help present Smart Cabinetry’s line of products with technical specifications in an effective medium to architects and dealers.


The Outcome

Smart Cabinetry already has an existing spec book¬†format they have been using for years. However, it has been decided that Smart Cabinetry’s specifications book needed an overhaul from the ground up.


First, we audited existing assets and what information they would like included in the new book. We rearranged the information architecture, improved the navigation and structure. We categorized each section based on how their end users will be using the catalog. After this, we reinforced their brand’s values, philosophy, and style to the overall look of the catalog. We traveled to their facility to shoot new product photography and architectural photography. Having added new sections to the book, we also needed to write a new copy as well as edit existing sales copy under the guidance of their sales team, who are the product experts. After weeks of review and revisions with key stakeholders in the company, we coordinated with their preferred commercial printer to publish a highly effective catalog that helps educate their current customers, showcase their products and highlight their brand as a leader in the national market.


The Impact

Since the publication and distribution of their 2020 Specifications Book, Smart Cabinetry’s sales team has continuously received feedback from their customers about how they love the new version of the book. The customers have cited ease of use, improved aesthetics, pleasing to read, and easier to find a product’s information. It was the first time they received reviews about their catalogs shortly after release.


  • Creative Direction
  • Project Management
  • Brand Identity Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • 3D Visualization


branding, catalog, copywriting, editorial design, photography