Logo Design for 2nd Largest Rheumatology Conference in the USA

Congress of Clinical Rheumatology Logo Congress of Clinical Rheumatology Monochromatic Logo

About This Project

The Mission

The Congress of Clinical Rheumatology (CCR) is an event organizer based in Florida, USA. CCR was formerly known as Rheumatology on the Beach, one of the largest rheumatology conferences in the United States. Our mission was to help CCR’s team to redesign its logo and brand for its 25th anniversary in 2008.

The Outcome

CCR was looking for a more professional logo design that appeals to both physicians and pharmaceutical companies. They wanted to stray away from a beach theme, on which their previous branding is heavily based on. Yamy, our founder, worked with CCR’s marketing team as the logo designer. CCR’s marketing team provided direction and design objectives.


Yamy learned about what CCR does and what it aims to be and do. As an event organizer, they want to expand their reach beyond Florida and possibly more locations in the future. Keywords used were community, professional, health, and fun. While it is contrasting to mix professional and fun together, their objective was to offer educational seminars and continuing education while health professionals are on a vacation. During downtime in between classes, the event attendees can enjoy the perks of the venue that the organizers chose. So, the challenge is to exude fun while not being too playful or having a party vibe and lose professionalism.


Yamy did a preliminary sketch on a paper for her concept playing on the project’s keywords and CCR’s acronym. The result was a graphic of abstract people that are either standing in line or together. But if you look closely, each person represents a letter in their acronym C, C, and R.


The professional vibe was shown through the use of a sans serif typeface for the expanded name of the conference. The year, since it’s an annual event, was delivered in a way that the client could easily change themselves when needed.


Fun was expressed through the use of colors. Yamy and the CCR team went through several color tests but ultimately settled on using a variation of cyan, yellow, and magenta. The palette stood for diversity in the community while touching base on a simple trio that works well together on print and on digital applications.


The Impact

The new Congress of Clinical Rheumatology branding was used in a new website, business cards, letterheads, folders, shirts, bags, and other printed promotional materials. The event has since evolved from an annual gathering to a biannual event with expansion to new locations: Florida and California. It also has held its place as the second-largest conference attended by professionals from other states as well as international attendees.


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