Our Approach

This is how we roll at Mango.

01 Discovery

We take the time to understand your needs and expectations. We learn about you and your company.


Where are we currently at? What do you want to be done? Why are we doing it? What are you looking to spend? When do you need this done by?


We assess how our capabilities could help you attain your goals. We both discover if we are a good fit to what you are trying to achieve.

02 Design

We come up with a strategy based on your needs from the Discovery Session.


Based on this, we move on to discussing rough concepts and present them to you. This includes rough sketches, mood boards, mock-ups, or storyboards. We make revisions based on your feedback until you approve a game plan.

03 Develop

Based on feedback from the Design Phase, we start developing a more refined version of the concepts and ideas.


We create the layouts, do the codes, and transform the concepts into a working product.

04 Refinement

We create prototypes of the design that we have been developing.


We tweak any changes that needed to be improved. We are dedicated to maximize the impact to your business resulting from our output.

05 Deployment

After quality assurance and refinements, your design is ready and deployed.


If it’s a website design and development project, your new website is now live. If it’s a print campaign, your project is ready to be published.