Meet Mango

Let us introduce ourselves.

Hello There

We are Mango Creative Group, LLC, an independent branding agency based in South Bend, IN.


We work with companies in the manufacturing and healthcare industries to plan and execute a branding and marketing strategy to scale their brands, launch products, and improve relationships with their customers, employees and business partners.


We build a strategy that will best help them achieve their goals and make their efforts last a longer-term. Here at Mango, we like to design with purpose and function while making it visually appealing as well.


We recognize that sometimes you already have a marketing strategy in place and needed assistance in executing your ideas. We provide a wide range of brand design services to help realize your vision for your brand.

Downtown South Bend
Yellow Mangoes


Like any other company who was starting out, we have to think of a catchy name. While jotting down our plans and sipping mango juice, our favorite fruit evolved into a symbol we proudly identify ourselves with.


Mangoes are juicy, sweet, and deliciously nutritious. We think that’s a good representation of our design philosophy here.


Fun Fact

Our founder Yamy grew up eating this super fruit. So, it’s one of her favorite things to drink or eat. It happened to be the national fruit of the Philippines, where she came from before moving to the United States.


For Filipinos, the mango’s golden color signifies richness while its shape reminds them of a human heart.

Our Design Philosophy

Our name is an extension of our design philosophy – as much as there are several ways to enjoy a mango, there are several ways to achieve a goal.


We begin every project with an open mind, curiosity and flexibility. We cater to create functional solutions for our client/user’s needs and goals and not for ourselves.

Yamy - Founder of Mango Creative Group


Team Mango

While our core team is headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, we operate as a virtual agency.


This model allows us to onboard team members with skills best suited for your projects instead of being limited by local talent. This also promotes flexibility and a better work-life balance for our creative network.


We use technology like Zoom and Basecamp to communicate with your team and include you in the creative process.


However, this does not limit us from meeting you in person. We will travel to your office or a location convenient to you, which we have done in the past, if that is your preference.

Client Testimonials

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